Black Salt.


What does it mean…

For a Black girl to cry?


(Phoenix tears

Have healing powers)


What does it mean to

Stand there – still –

Yemoja, cocooned safely

In a solitude of her making –





Amongst crested white waves,

An indifferent turbulence?


(Phoenix tears

Have healing powers)


Do you watch her turn

Her back

To you,

So salt slips by


Do you comfort her?


(Do you even try?)


Do you inch closer to burning skin

Pat her shoulder

– tell a lie –

One day

One day

It’ll all be fine?


(Human history hums I’m sure

But there are no

Famished roads

In the sea)


Do you stutter?

Do you choke?

Fail to find…


The right


Of syllables,

To ressurect those tears?

Do you

– somehow –

Do you even hurt too?




Is it that watching



B r e a k

H e r s e l f,


Finds some way

To amuse you?



– Princess Peace

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