To The One.

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To the one who believes that they are not worthy of love. You are human, and yes, you are flawed, in as much as we all too soon find out, that there are many imperfections in the chinks that make up our armour. Though mistakes will be made, we must learn from them too. To grow in compassion, into more caring beings, you must learn again to love yourself, it is the sole task that is required of you. Every spark on this earth is worthy of love, for it is the only force which can break you whole and bend you new – to cause a change in you from the inside – and every spark deserves the potential to change.

To the one who believes that pain is all they cause. To reflect on a feeling, indeed to feel anything at all, is one of the highest dual blessings and curses of existence; pain is just another stage in this theatre of life, like scars marked deep on a body it too will mark a milestone in your life, in its passing give thanks that you felt it, fought through and lived. Pain is also not a solitary companion to whom you can request to dine alone with, it will come with others, forging both you and them in an unwitting fire. Pain does not grant you the jurisdiction to choose who you hurt, but you must learn to breathe, to heal and to love again. Let your heartbeat drum out the hurt music in your veins, release the fear, and after I promise you, that truly you will feel no pain.

To the one who believes that they should be ashamed of their weakness. Truly, here you have been given an opportunity to test your strength. A lion’s roar is heard at its mightiest only when forced to face a foe much feared, the choice of how you roar, if indeed you choose to do so, will always be up to you.

To the one whose mind is constantly in turmoil and who believes that they cannot find peace. You have made your mind a Pandoras box, locking away into yourself the demons that in circles chase your thoughts at night. You are still trying to fight for peace, and so in this way, you will always fail. You must learn once again to take time, to be like the leaves in the breeze of the whispering trees; remember, not all who wander are lost, sometimes the journey takes place on the inside. Seeking conviction in thought and commitment in action does not mean you should commit to becoming a convict of your own mental sentencing.

To the one who still believes they should have all the answers. Learn again to find once more the inner being who would question what dreams are made of. When you change your mind, the entire world you perceive changes. In seeking a complete truth it seems you have unlearnt this form of adaptation, complete knowledge doesn’t come even to the oldest man. Remember again that some questions do not always have answers, some questions with answers do not satisfy our questioning, and some questions need time to be answered – life, soon enough, will unfurl its response.

Blessings; peace; relief.

Princess Peace


(Featured Artist: Taj Francis)

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