Princess Ashilokun (a.k.a. Princess Peace*), is a  20-year-old Black-British Nigerian from London and spoken word poet** – these posts are the various reflections of a spoken word poet living in The City.

Topics posted here will range from a few posts of my poetry, discussions on identity, politics, mental health, faith, relationships, motivation, and the occasional in-depth film review.

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Princess Peace


*(How did my stage name come about? This was sort of unintentional. Growing up I was adamant that people would (firstly) actually associate my first name with my last, (and secondly but most importantly), be able to spell my last name, and of course pronounce it. So I would normally just use my full name. This changed however when I started performing properly in university. I remember uttering the last line of my poem and feeling this descent of a calming peace flow through my bones. On a whim, I ended the poem with “Princess Peace” – it stuck with me ever since. Now I figure that since the stage is where I share my “pieces”, and performing poetry is where I first gained my sense of “peace”, it made sense then to end my poems with “Princess Peace”. Afterall, that’s what I aim to share with my audience – a little piece of Princess when she’s most at peace.)

**(How weird is it to talk about yourself in the third person? I always find it amusing when organisations ask me to send in a written biography of myself, which then sends me scrambling into a panic bordering on a near-existential crisis as I reflect on, and try to list, all the things I’ve done – or more miserably haven’t yet done – with my life. And on that cheerful note, welcome to my blog).